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We are proud to serve you the most authentic caribbean food, we are so proud of our heritage and want you to be apart of it.   

Brown Stew Chicken 

Marinated and Seasoned brown stew chicken served , with Rice and Pease or Boiled Rice.

Fried Fish Escovitch Style or Brown Stew Fish 

Jamaican Escovitch style Fish with our own twist,  with Rice and Pease or Boiled Rice (750cc).

Cooked down with carrots, onions, tomatoes and Sweet peppers. 

Cook to order, feel free to indicate your preference 

Ackee and SaltFish

Ackee and Saltfish with Peppers 

Cook to order. 

Curry Goat

A Caribbean delicacy. Slow cooked marinated goat , cooked with curry , special spices and scotch bonnet and for a bit of heat.  with Rice and Pease or Boiled Rice 

Braised Oxtail

A Caribbean delicacy. Braised slow cook Oxtail and Butter Bean cooked with , special spices. Served with Rice and Pease or Boiled Rice.

Mobay Delight's Pepper King Prawn

Peppered King Prawns served in the shell, with Mobay Delight Style with with sweet peppers onions and chilli  

Hot- Spicy

Cooked to order

Steam Fish Mobay Delight Style 

Steam Snapper or SeaBass served with Okra, Crackers, Sweet Peppers, Carrot, Pumkin and Bammy, plaintain 

Complete meal on its own. 

Cooked to order

Jerk Chicken

24 hours marinated in our homemade jerk seasoning  cooked on the grill 

Mac and Cheese

Creamy Chessy Mac and Cheese finger licking good

Homemade Juices

Homemade Freshly made Juices and Mobay delight Signature Guiness Punch  350mls 

Signature Stout Ice Cream

Exclusive Mobay Delight Signature Stout Ice Cream. Served per scoop

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